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Cover Letter

The importance of creation of a highly sophisticated, informative yet well-positioned

cover letter

  cannot be underestimated! The majority of HR experts agree that

well-positioned cover letter is of utter importance when talking serious career-building approach


First of all, let us define the basic purpose of a cover letter.

Your cover letter is the first step towards getting a job

. It is not intended to give your potential employer all the information required to take hiring decision. Instead, a

cover letter is intended to stimulate and motivate your potential employer to invite you for an interview

. That is very important to understand the difference in approaches when writing a cover letter and a resume!

Each and every cover letter you send out should follow these simple guidelines:

  • Cover letter displays your qualifications and capabilities not for the purpose of overloading your prospective employer with information, but rather for the purpose of intriguing him, encouraging him to get to know you better;

  • Cover letter is an essential way to display how well you are informed about the market you are about to work on, the company you wish to join and how exactly your qualifications can be used to help the company operate better;

  • Cover letter stimulates your potential employer to read your resume and make another step towards the decision of hiring you;

Despite the fact that many people know of these guidelines, some of them still fail to follow these guidelines as to writing a

power cover letter

. Inability to distinguish between cover letter and resume formats often leads to creation of bulky, overloaded cover letter items that are usually thrown in trash bin prior to being fully read.

However, with introduction of Easy Resume Creator Pro,

the unique resume and cover letter creation and distribution software

, the overall percentage of neglected cover letter items dropped to 10 to 15 per cent for the product users!

The secret of such a marvelous change in efficiency is ‘resume and cover letter wizard’ included in Easy Resume Creator Pro, which

helps you design your cover letter from scratch

following the above-described guidelines.

Cover letter items created using Easy Resume Creator Pro can be delivered to your prospective employer’s electronic mailbox right from the application!

The majority of those who have tried Easy Resume Creator Pro are already working on new jobs, taking the most desired positions. Today, you have the chance to try the product prior to purchasing it!

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Create unlimited cover letter items using this power tool to get you established on HR market and prosper!

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